High School Sucks

Let’s be honest here for a second, high school sucks. A high school will do one of the following to you. (A) makes you or breaks you, (B) were fun times or bad times, (C) a source of freedom or plain torture, (D) is exciting or dull. Whatever the case is, you have to accept it up until graduation or somehow die. Ask these students how is high school.

Chiyo Mihama: A cute and tiny intelligent ten-year-old girl who attends a high school.

Chiyo surrounds herself with students that range from adorable & quirky to weird & insane. And that’s not even counting the teachers either.

Chitose Hitotose: Having a harsh life and being an orphan, school life won’t cut him a break. One day five beautiful women did more than adopt him as their son, but move in with him as well. Those five ladies are his teachers from school; which makes the male students envious of him.

Sousuke Sagara: What do you get with the combination of a crazy prepared person, a military sergeant, paranoia, and a body guard? A sixteen-year-old boy who’s having a tough time adjusting to high school as well as his military duties. Which is to protect another high school student; Kaname Chidori. Who is smart, tough and aggressive as Sousuke is.

Kazuki Shikimori: Speaking of male students envy, Kazuki is a huge receiver of this. He’s ordinary seventeen years old who family tree consists of powerful magicians. Consistently looked down on by his classmates due to his low-grade of 8 in magic and he is pursued by three girls; who wants his genes.

Judging by what these students went through, I am so happy that I’m not a high school is done and over with. Now say it with me “high school sucks”! To watch all your favorite anime shows come visit anime season.